Verification KYC


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KYC verification is required to fully access the GMMCLUB International features. You can request an individual or corporate account, but keep in mind that all the information sent can not be modified. Please be sure to provide accurate information.

Individual account

Level 1 of KYC only requires basic information, including nationality, name and identification of the passport. If you provide inaccurate or false information, you must assume all consequences.

Level 2 of KYC requires proof of identification. Before doing the verification, prepare the following:

1. Image of a valid international passport with a clearly visible expiration date

2. The photo in your passport must be clearly visible

3. The resolution of the image must be greater than 300dpi

4. The image must be uploaded in the file format: jpg, jpeg, png or pdf. The maximum file size is 3MB.

Proof of address: Load your driver’s license or identification card. But if your address is not printed on the documents mentioned, upload the invoices that include your residential address and are issued within 3 months.

Business Account

A business account allows you to operate under the name of a company (in countries or regions we serve). It offers the same benefits as an individual account. You can authorize up to four people nominated to perform operations and administer the account on behalf of the company.

Register a new investment account first. Then, go to “Settings> Verification”, and choose “Corporate Verification”. The review usually takes 3-5 business days.

You must provide information about your company, such as:

* Country of registration

* Company name

* Previous company name (if applicable)

* Company name (local language)

* Registration number

* Date of incorporation, address

*Information about shareholders and directors

*And information that includes business registration, company memorandum, annual report, board resolutions and more


You can open your account with a deposit of 0.1 BTC + 5% for transactions.
That easy! In addition, you can refer your friends and earn a commission percentage.