GMMCLUB Law Enforcement Application Guide


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GMMClub works with law enforcement authorities and will respond to requests for law enforcement by law enforcement officials with proof of authority. This law enforcement guide explains how ONLY authorized law enforcement officers can participate and contact GMMCLUB to request information from the client.

2. For compliance with the law in the United States

Eyeline Corp Usa. discloses account information records to the United States police in accordance with our terms of service, our privacy policy and the laws of the United States. UU To disclose account information records, United States law enforcement organizations must provide:

* Citation: it must be issued in connection with an official criminal investigation for the disclosure of customer information records defined in 18 USC § 2703 (c) (2).

* Court Order: it must be issued according to 18 USC § 2703 (d), the disclosure of customer information records is defined in the same USC

* Search Order: it must be issued according to the procedures described in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure or equivalent state guarantee procedures by showing probable cause for the disclosure of any stored content

3. For compliance with international law

Global Money Management Company Limited (also known as “GMMCLUB”) discloses account information records to non-US law enforcement agents in accordance with our terms of service, our privacy policy and applicable law. An application for the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty will be required to provide disclosure of information to the application of international law.

4. Information requests

To help expeditious review of information requests, US law enforcement agents UU Or from other countries should provide in the email of the application to

1. Name of the enforcement authority of the law.

2. Proof that the officer is authorized to request the information (proof of authority) and the current position within the law enforcement organization.

3. Proof of identification of the officer within the law enforcement organization (for example, license plate number, internal identification number).

4. Email address of a government domain.

5. Contact information (email address, number) of the government organization.

The name of the specific legal entity where it requires the information of:

1. Within the USA US: Eyeline Corp USA.

2. Outside the US US: Global Money Management Company Limited.

Details of the application, including

1. Identification number of the citation in the subject line

2. how should we authenticate the citation, such as the callback procedure

3. Any public address or transaction ID in text format or an Excel file (not PDF)

4. Indicate a reasonable period

5. Application for the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty for the application of international law

5. Emergency requests for the application of the law

For extremely urgent requests, such as when there is a risk of death or serious physical danger to a person, please indicate URGENT PETITION in the subject line.

6. Reference of the term benefit

In our platform it does not refer to financial benefits.

7. compliance with local or regional laws

The user at this time agrees and undertakes to comply with all local laws of its jurisdiction and releases from this moment to Eyeline Corp USA its partners, advisors, employees, advisors and representatives of all responsibility for the lack of compliance with local laws outside of the jurisdiction of Eyeline Corp USA.


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